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Vignette for Czech Republic Online

Using the Czech motorways requires purchasing a vignette.
Order your Czech vignette online now and drive through Czechia hassle-free.


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About the Czech Republic vignette

A Czech Republic vignette is a mandatory road document to be purchased by drivers of all at least four-wheel vehicles of up to 3.5 t.

Since 2021, purchasing a Czech vignette has been possible only in a digital form, as traditional toll stickers were entirely replaced with digital ones. Now, all drivers can obtain a Czech vignette either at an online store or one of the vignette outlets, including Česká pošta or EuroOil.

Depending on the driving needs, a short-term vignette valid for 10 or 30 days or a long-term vignette valid for 1 year can be purchased.

Failure to obtain a vignette for the Czech Republic may result in fines. Special patrols and a dedicated camera system perform vignette controls.

Do not risk being fined; purchase your Czech vignette online and drive in the Czech Republic without any hassle.

Who needs a vignette for Czech highways?

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A Czech vignette is a mandatory document that must be used by all at least four-wheel vehicles up to and including 3.5t travelling on Czech motorways and expressways.

Vignettes function as proof of payment for the mandatory road tax in the Czech Republic. Obtaining an additional vignette for trailers or motorbikes is not necessary. Electric, hydrogen, or hybrid cars (with CO2 emissions not exceeding 52g/km) are also exempt from the Czech vignette requirement.

The purchase of a vignette is immediate, and for a driver, no standard 18-day cooling-off period applies - your vignette is automatically active and effective from the date you indicated during the checkout process.

Vignette routes and tolls

route tolls map
route tolls map

Czech vignette types

There are three types of digital vignettes in Czechia that are mandatory for vehicles of at least 4 wheels with a maximum GVW of 3.5t:

Vehicles up to 3.5 t

How to buy a Czech vignette online?

In order to complete the vignette ordering process online, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Select one e-vignette type (a 10-day, 30-day, or annual one).

2. Select your vignette start date in the online calendar and pay the processing fee.

3. Enter your vehicle’s license plate number as well as the country of your vehicle’s registration.

4. Receive the confirmation email with your active Czech vignette.

How can I pay for my digital vignette for Czech Republic?

You can pay the processing fee for your digital vignette for Czechia using most of the major payment methods, such as Sofort, Google Pay, or Klarna.

To ensure your safety and complete peace of mind, all payments are secure and encrypted.

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How long to wait for my Czech e-vignette?

The standard processing time may take up to 12 hours. However, when choosing the express processing, you can receive your e-vignette within 1 minute up to 2 hours.


How should I use e-vignette in Czechia?

Digital vignettes are automatically activated - you just need to select the validity date and pay for your vignette.

Once you cover the processing fee and your payment is successfully processed, the confirmation email will be sent to you. Printing your Czech digital vignette out is unnecessary since saving its digital copy is enough.

Driving and safety rules in Czechia

When using the Czech motorways, certain safety measures apply:

All drivers should ensure that they possess the following items in their vehicles:

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Please also note that everyone is legally obliged to provide first aid in the event of an accident.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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